Introducing Seapromega

A French-based company with over 15 years experience in marine ingredient sourcing.  Expert product knowledge, from fish meal to crude and fully refined fish oils, from seaweeds and fish baits to special fish oil blends, we have a proven track record of fish oil sourcing at highly competitive market rates.

How we can help

Seapromega help the feed, food and nutraceutical industries source the right fish oil at the right price. A partner service which enables our worldwide client base to optimise their productions, with quality guarantees. Whatever your fatty acid profile, Seapromega can help!

Product list

Krill, Shrimp, Sardine (riche en EPA), Sardinella, Salmon, Tuna, 1812, Cod liver, Squid, Hake, Crude EPA Oil min 18 EPA, min 10 DHA, Crude DHA Oil min 10 EPA, min 18 DHA, 1812 TG WRD, CLO WRD, Squid Oil RD, Tuna Oil WRD (low phtalathes), High fatty acid concentrated Omega 3, Crude, semi-refined, refined oils, and special blends. This list is non-exhaustive and we are able to source any other oils based upon your technical specifications.

Price negotiators

Based upon your product requirements, we are able to select the appropriate manufacturer and negotiate on your behalf based at competitive  market rates. We are able to match any fixed bids you specify.

A unique network

We travel the world so that you don’t have to! We have spent over 15 years building a worldwide partner network and we are in contact with international fish oil manufacturers on a daily basis. From South America to Asia, Northern Europe and Africa to New Zealand, we choose the right manufacturer for you based upon your technical and price specifications. If you don’t know where to start sourcing, Seapromega can help you navigate an ocean of marine ingredients.

Quality and certification

All of our fish oils are sourced from renewable and certifiable sources, respecting MSC, IFFO RS and FOS standards. Our products are fully traceable. If you have any questions regarding Quality Control, please feel free to ask.


Whether you are looking to buy 500 litres of Omega 3 rich oil, or 500 tonnes of crude fish oil, we can help. We can oversee conditioning and delivery to all worldwide destinations. Last year we successfully shipped 10 000 MT for our clients.

Need a price…fast ?